Golfera - Felino salame IGP 1kg
 Golfera - Felino salame IGP 1kgGolfera - Felino salame IGP 1kg 

Golfera - Felino salame IGP 1kg


Brand:  Golfera


Premium selected quality since 1960
PRICE PER KG: £ 22.50

Aged for: 60 days
Grain: coarse
Origin of the meat: swine born, reared, and slaughtered in Italy.
Its name comes from the place where it's produced by law: Felino, a small village in the countryside, full of forests where herds of pigs were raised in the ancient past. Felino is at 607 feet above sea level, the climate is mild and windy, that is ideal for a naturally curing of the meat. Thanks to this unique micro-climate, artisans are able to use less salt to preserve the meat.

Historical records show that Salame Felino dates back to the first century A.D., making it one of the most ancient cured meats known to man.

Salame Felino is guaranteed by the IGP food certification: Indicazione Georgrafica Protetta (Protected Geographical Indication). The IGP label means that a particular product has been produced and processed in a specific region in a specific way, ruled by specific laws. For example, the meat must come from pigs raised in Italy without any added hormones. High-quality cuts, usually the pork shoulder and the pork belly, are finely ground and seasoned with Salsomaggiore salt, black pepper, white wine, garlic, then hand-stuffed into a natural casing. Finally, the salami are hung to dry and slowly aged in cellars from 30 to 90 days.

Salame Felino has a delicate aroma, a light peppery flavor, with notes of underbrush and white wine.

How to use it: with a wood cutting board and a long, thin knife. Cut each piece diagonally, to have an oblique slice. Leave the Felino out of the fridge for circa 30-40 min.before serving it.
Perfect as an appetiser, snack, or picnic treat, or quick lunch, with some white bread, or bread sticks, parmigiano reggiano.

Wine pairings: Lambrusco, or any other light, not too bodied, sparkling red wine.