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Have you got a shop or are you only online?

No, we do not have a shop that you can visit. We sell online only.

Why cannot I find the ingredients list?

The ingredients list will be put soon, some articles have it already. In the meanwhile, if you have any concern regarding allergies or raw materials, please just contact us. 

Why is the date of birth compulsory for the account registration?

It is mandatory because, upon our policy and upon the alcohol rules,  we are not allowed to sell to people under 18. This information is kept reserved and it is needed for the execution of our orders. For more details please see our privacy policy.

Can I come and look at your products?

For both health and safety and Covid19 reasons, the access to our premises is not allowed to the public. It is still possible to collect the goods here outside, with the option Click & Collect.

Why are some products available only on pre-order?

The pre-order is in particular for the Italian fresh cheeses, like for example the burratina or the mozzarella, with a very short shelf life, of circa 15 days. The reservation and the pre-order is needed to grant the freshest quality and to grant the availability of these products for our Customers. There may be some other kind of products that can be available only on request, and that is usually the case for some niche specialties or seasonal delicacies or other not popular products.